Property Tax Appeals
There are over 560,000 tax accounts in the Portland metropolitan area paying in excess of over $3 billion annually in property taxes. It is estimated, that 70% of property nationwide is wrongly assessed. Yet, less than 1% of taxpayers in the Portland area challenge the assessor’s value.
Could YOU be paying too much?
It is not possible for the assessor’s staff to insure that every property is correctly assessed. The values are based on trending by the assessor staff. This process allows the assessor staff to adjust values on large numbers of properties efficiently but not necessarily accurately and fairly. We often find like properties with large discrepancies in their assessed values.
Our experienced staff has handled thousands of property tax appeals in Oregon. Our experience allows us to review your individual situation and advise you whether an appeal would be recommended.
Each type of real property classification presents its own challenges in the appeal process. We can help you with any type of property.
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Residential property tax appeals are by far the most common type filed. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not well prepared with the information and tools they need to be successful.

Multi-Family claims are a little more complicated. To arrive at the correct value we must use the income approach and factor in depreciation.
The commercial market is changing rapidly. This makes it difficult for commercial property owners to keep up with current market values. In addition, the assessor staff tends to trend values conservatively on these properties. This leaves room for the possibility of a successful appeal.
This class of property has its own set of statutes and is administered by the Oregon Department of Revenue.
With land valuations having their unique set of variables to consider it is often a challenge to accurately assess these properties.
HOA (Homeowners Association) consulting
We have worked with several local HOS's to determine if a historic preservation application is beneficial.
There are specific conditions which must be met for Condominium financing which can greatly affect the value of these properties.
Personal Property
We find many taxpayers forget to remove their personal property from the tax rolls once it has been sold or is no longer in use. In addition improper classification of property can result in greater tax liability.
Cost Segregation
Cost segregation allows for reclassification of property into different tax categories.
At First Class Properties we have experience preparing and presenting all these types of cases. We have knowledge of the local market and know how to present this information as evidence to support your appeal. We have the experience needed to navigate the appeal process making sure that your appeal is filed correctly. Our knowledge and experience gives your case the best chance of being successful and saving you money.